P0503 Ford

Ford P0503 OBD-II Trouble Code Definition:

P0503 Vehicle Speed Sensor A Intermittent/Erratic/High

P0503 Ford OBD-II Trouble CodeDescription:

OBD Trouble Code P0503
Vehicle Speed Sensor “A” Intermittent/Erratic/High
What does the code mean? OBD-ii Code P0503 definition:
The vehicle speed sensor outputs a 4 pulse signal for every revolution of the rotor shaft, which is rotated by the transmission output shaft via the driven gear. After this signal is converted into a more precise rectangular waveform by the waveform shaping circuit inside the combination meter, it is then transmitted to the ECM. The ECM determines the vehicle speed based on the frequency of these pulse signals.
Symptoms Sumptoms of OBD code P0503
– Engine Light ON (or Service Engine Soon Warning Light) – Speedometer may not work properly – Transmission shifting problem
Causes Causes of the OBD-II code P0503
– Vehicle speed sensor harness or connectors is open or shorted – Vehicle speed sensor – Combination meter – Faulty ECM. The Error code is generally activated on detection of the following conditions: The signal sent by the vehicle speed sensor to ECM is too high or intermittent.