P0603 Ford

Ford P0603 OBD-II Trouble Code Definition:

P0603 ECM Power Supply Circuit

P0603 Ford OBD-II Trouble CodeDescription:

OBD Trouble Code P0603
Internal Control Module Keep Alive Memory (KAM) Error
What does the code mean? OBD-ii Code P0603 definition:
Battery voltage is supplied to the ECM/PCM even when the ignition switch is turned OFF for the ECM/PCM memory function of the DTC memory, the air-fuel ratio feedback compensation value memory, the idle air volume learning value memory, etc.
Symptoms Sumptoms of OBD code P0603
– Engine Light ON (or Service Engine Soon Warning Light) – Engine may not start
Causes Causes of the OBD-II code P0603
– Loose or poor battery terminal connection – Low battery charge – ECM/PCM power supply circuit is open or shorted – ECM/PCM Programing – Faulty ECM/PCM The Error code is generally activated on detection of the following conditions: Indicates the ECM/PCM has experienced an internal memory fault.
Solutions – Recharge battery – Resecure and clean battery terminal connection – Reprogram ECM/PCM – Replaced ECM/PCM